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Welcome to WaterCooledTrading.com! We are working on a totally new web site. Thanks for your patience.
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WaterCooledTrading.com is a Kansas City based windsurfing company. Our mission is to provide our customers with the products they need at an affordable price. This site is but a small picture of what we have available. Call us, we have it or will get it.
We will do whatever it takes to impress you to choose "WaterCooledTrading Company" every time for great products, excellent service, and best value.

Windsurfing is a sport for people of any age. We have probably seen more people over the age of 60 than any other group who sail and enjoy the sport. It is a way of staying young, thinking young, and a means of meeting some great people. it is for sure the "whole family" sport.

As you look through this site, the pictures, the projects, the people and the families, hopefully you will sense a little of the real meaning of the sport of windsurfing.

If you have a need that is not addressed in this site, please contact us so that we may put our talents to work for you.

"We Support the Sport and our Troops".

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From: loubob@pignotti.net
To: winzurfr@hotmail.com
Subject: Other
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 22:39:31 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Von,

It was good meeting you and see your nice windsurfing shop. I should tell you that I got a chance to use the new harness I bought from you. I got home to Illinois ahead of this slow moving front and got to sail some good wind right at home here. I was especially pleased with how well the harness worked for me. I think I held my sail better due to increase leverage I was able to exert.I like the slaIom seat much better than the speed seat. I could never keep my hook low enough on the speed seat. It's always nice when you can tell the benefits of updated equipment because every little bit helps. I sailed longer today and in more control today because of the good fit.

Kansas is a great state! You Kansas windsurfers are blessed with good wind and nice lakes to sail! I regret not getting over to Clinton Lake Wednesday to meet some of the local sailors, but I don't regret the good time sailing that I had at Perry ! I kidded with my windsurfing buddies today that I had to go to Kansas to bring some wind back to Illinois. I think next time I visit your great state I'll bring some windsurfing buddies or my wife. I'd like a chance to meet some of the locals to get sailing information. As I mentioned to you when we talked ,it's nice to have some info on sailing spots. Since I was sailing alone I had alot of freedom ,but also did a lot of fretting about the spots I sailed because I didn't really know the lakes.

Thanks again. Hopefully I can sail Kansas again soon. Here is my web page if you are curious. I know, I know , the winds here aren't as strong as Kansas but we take what we can get ;-)


Good winds to you,

Lou Pignotti
Interesting Events from Evergreen Lake
Windsurfing, after several years of contraction, is booming nationwide, said Nathaniel Siddall, executive director of the U.S. Windsurfing Association, which has 50 member clubs. The latest survey by the National Sporting Goods Association showed that 400,000 people participated in windsurfing at least once in 2001. Compared with sports like golf or tennis, participation in competitive windsurfing remains relatively small. The association's National Racing Tour draws about 200 participants to each of its 20 annual regattas, while the U.S. Windsurfing National Championships, held in July in San Francisco Bay, drew 80 competitors, Mr. Siddall said.

The only potential hidden costs, several windsurfing enthusiasts said, are the travel expenses needed to satisfy an almost inevitable wanderlust that comes with proficiency in the sport. Among the more popular windsurfing sites are the windswept Caribbean island of Aruba, Padre Island in Texas, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and a section of the Columbia River Gorge near the town of Hood River in Oregon, where unique meteorological conditions create high winds and big waves. - Harry Hurt II, NY Times, full story: http://tinyurl.com/498qd
JP Super-X 104 ES
Below please find extracts from the first magazine test reports of the new JP 2004 equipment (to be seen on the web page soon). WIND, F, #270 Sept. 2003, p 50_____ JP Super-X 104 ES______ Backed up by an extensive advertsing and marketing campaign, the German magazine Surf and the brand JP-Australia have launched a new windsurfing discipline, the Supercross (a mixture between freestyle and slalom). When you say 'new disciple', you also say 'new equipment' specially developed for that purpose. As initiator of this phenomenon, JP could not be the last brand to add a special toy to its range. And one board family more! In Supercross following things are required: instant acceleration at the end of a jibe or maneuver, going fast, turning at two hundred km per hour without stopping, being able to pull off all freestyle maneuvers, a.s.o. Many characteristics which resemble very much the ones of -for example- the JP Freestyle Waves which have shown in our tests an exceptional versatility for this action genre . So why not propose to the riders to compete with these excellent Freestyle Waves ? The answer from JP is, that increased performance is necessary, especially concerning early planing and instant acceleration. Therefore Werner Gnigler has shaped a line of 4 boards, rather compact but also more slalomy than the Freestyle Waves, with a flatter bottom curve towards the nose and under the feet, a more parallel outline and a quite wide tail section to increase the area for better early planing and faster acceleration. The 104 is the second biggest board in this range . It has reasonable dimensions to sail in medium to light winds. We have decided to test the more economical version in Epoxy Sandwich construction, but JP also offers the same board in Full Wood Sandwich for more lightness and performance. This second, more expensive version is fitted with a pad between the foot straps for more comfort and more grip in jibes. On the water, with its full lines on the whole length, the handling is rather easy for a board of such a volume, it feels wide and stable and therefore forgiving. It really planes early and stepping into the straps is mere child's play, even when they are placed in the outboard positions. The overall balance is foregiving enough even for the average windsurfer. It accelerates very well, and you can jump off the smallest chop, its responsiveness is excellent to take off at ease. Smooth and fast, you'll -once again- appreciate the ergonomics of the "JP-typical deck" with its nice pads. The jibes are lively and well cutting. A board that carves! _______________________________________________________________________________________
Gorge Games founder and international windsurfing champion Peggy Lalor announced plans to expand the annual summer event with the launch of the first Live Large Tour in spring 2005. Staged in multiple locations throughout the Northwest, including Portland, Ore., Seattle, and its original home base in Hood River, Ore., the Live Large Tour will consist of a series of annual sporting and educational programs for people of all ages and abilities. The tour will promote healthy lifestyle choices under the theme of "Lean, Mean and Green."

Given the national crisis surrounding inactivity and obesity, I was inspired to transfer the energy and enthusiasm of the week-long Gorge Games to a year-round, cause-based program promoting healthy lifestyle choices," said Peggy Lalor, Gorge Games founder. "Connecting the cool-hip-physical-fun' aspects of outdoor sports with a message of eating a balanced diet while enjoying the natural beauty of the Northwest is a powerful way to motivate healthy lifestyles." To support expanded events of the Live Large Tour, Portland-Based National Meeting Company will partner with Lalor to bring their high profile event expertise to execute healthy lifestyle campaigns. National Meeting Company's first objective is to secure national and regional sponsors that align with Live Large Tours' core values, which endorse a healthy, active, sustainable lifestyle. - www.livelargetour.com

WOW...................I just ran into your website ......Very cool ....I'm glad to see there is some sailboarders in the Kansas area...................I haven't sailed for about 12 years..................I just dusted off the old windsurfer the other day and went to lake Marion ( central Kansas) .......I can tell I'm older......But I had a great time.............I'm interested in getting some better windsurfing gear...........if you know of anyone wanting to sell some used equip. ....I would be interested in talking to them........I have looked at ebay but the shipping is ridiculous..so if you know of some one in the Kansas area that would be cool..........Thanks for the Great website ....I'll stay in tuned ...............Kind Regards, Mike
Windsurfers from "Out of State" Stickers and Registration.

All boats powered by gasoline, diesel, electric motors, or sail must be registered and numbered. Sailboards and personal watercraft are considered boats.

Nonresidents using boats that are properly registered in another state may use their boats for up to 60 consecutive days without registering them in Kansas. Both in-state and
out-of-state boats must have their Certificate of Number on board at all times. Boats that are required to be registered must be properly registered before they are operated.

How do I register my boat?

An application form can be obtained at the nearest marine dealer, county clerk’s office, or KDWP office. Fill out the application completely and mail it along with the required fee.
When a vessel is sold, lost, stolen, destroyed, transferred, or abandoned the person whose name appears on the Certificate of Number shall notify the department within 15 days.


Kansas Department of
Wildlife and Parks
Kansas Boating Laws
Property Taxes - Interesting stuff for Kansas Windsurfers

List of Exemption Statutes:

The following is a list of exemption statutes that cover personal property. This list is not all inclusive.
A complete listing of all property tax exemption statutes can be found in the “Policy Library” on the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website. See: Statutes - Chapter 79 - Article 2. Ks. Statute Description Personal Exemptions:
K.S.A. 79-201c All household goods and personal effects, including pick-up truck shells or
second toppers, SAILBOARDS, and wearing apparel that are not used for the production of income. Household goods and personal effects shall not be
considered as being used for the production of income when they are used in the home for registered or licensed day care operations.
Kansas Statutes 79-201c - Check Page 30
The U.S. Coast Guard and the Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association (PFDMA) will be hosting a workshop at the Miami International Boat Show to gather industry and public comment on pending legislation that would mandate the use of PFDs on vessels under 20 feet in length, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) reported in a statement today.

Currently, the U.S.C.G. and National State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) are working together to develop a national rule to mandate the PFD use, according to NMMA. The National Boating Safety Advisory Committee has recently adopted a resolution to support the efforts of the U.S.C.G. and NASBLA. The workshop will provide an opportunity to comment on what route the U.S.C.G. should take.

"It is imperative that industry be present at this meeting to voice their views on the direction of this initiative," said PFDMA associate director Bernice McArdle. "We need input, and the opinions of every attendee will make a difference."

The workshop is scheduled for Friday, February 13, from 3-5 p.m. at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Representatives from various industry segments, including angling, retail and paddlesports, are expected to deliver brief presentations on the challenges, obstacles and opportunities facing the industry. An open discussion is then expected to be held to hear the views and opinions from attendees, according to NMMA. - Boating Industry,
NMMA. - Boating Industry
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